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40 Years as A Perishable Meat Broker

TryAngle got its start in 1977 as a Meat Broker, and although we have expanded far beyond that category, it’s still the lifeblood of this company. Several of our lines have been in our portfolio for over 30 years. To create both longevity and sustainability for our company we have constantly adapted to the times and stayed ahead of industry trends.

Defining Today’s Consumer

The consumer of today and tomorrow demands creative flavors, convenience, ease of preparation and cooking, and generally does not want to handle meat like the previous generations.  This is a bit of a paradox as the industry is also reverting to locally sourced, sustainable, humanely raised product from responsible retailers, local delivery and farmers markets.

How We Can Help You Hit Your Target Market

  • Market Analysis
  • Pricing Guidance
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Label & Packaging Feedback
  • Call Out Guidance for Labeling
  • Headquarter, Regional, & Store Level Feedback
  • Store Level Retail Support

An Example of Successful Innovation

5 Years ago TryAngle noticed a developing trend of consumers, beyond a niche market, desiring grass-fed beef products.  There was a large price opportunity gap between the conventional beef and organic.  This growing segment wants a better for you product (due to more education and awareness) but is neither desiring nor paying for organic product.
TryAngle, in partnership with a local meat fabricator, was able to source grass-fed beef from Australia and roll out a brand new label to the Northeast US.  This product line has achieved double digit year over year growth.  We continue to expand it with line extensions and increased distribution.

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