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Prepared Foods

The Evolution of Eating

The needs of today’s consumer is shifting from the traditional cook from scratch/cheap fast food to better for you, quality and convenience food with little to no preparation involved.  The cutting edge of the trend is being dictated by offerings like organic, sustainably sourced, and farm to table cuisine.

Home Meal Replacement in the 1990’s, Grab n Go of the 2000’s, Fast Casual Meal Solutions of today–TryAngle Foods has been there for it all, gaining experience and expertise as the advances in the Fresh Prepared Meal segment have occurred.

Waiting on the Sidelines is Not an Option

The retail food environment continues to become more and more competitive, with traditional supermarket sales being eroded by a tremendous variety of competitors; every outlet from dollar stores to online websites to mass merchandisers and farmer’s markets attempting to capture a share of the consumer’s food budget.

  • For traditional retailers, finding the key for success in Prepared Foods is critical to future growth.
  • Emphasis on perishables, with a shrinking center store, means retailers must contemporize or risk losing customers.
  • Retailers will need a focused approach to target their core customers.
  • Instead of just convenience, retailers should look to offer clean labels and transparency for the educated consumer.
  • The choices should be customizable and delivered by a staff knowledgeable in the product and its preparation–not an easy task to execute effectively is a labor-light environment.

TryAngle’s team of training experts will be available to make sure of the category’s success for our retail clients.

  • Manufacturers will need to understand the consumers’ quality expectations for freshness, healthfulness, and good value.
  • Our expertise in managing logistics will help mitigate risk in this highly perishable arena.
  • Millennials desire for unique food experiences will continue to shape category evolution.

TryAngle:  Food Industry Consultants

Now that you know how the category is evolving, it is time to engage our team to help you capitalize on these trends.

Contact us to meet our Prepared Foods expert, Bob Rochefort, who will evaluate your business and the opportunity to:

  • Plan a retail sales offering
  • Develop training manuals and standard operating procedures
  • Execute retail training
  • Evaluate your success

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