A Northeast Region Success Story

Results Matter

Bill Lorenzetti presented the new Always Tender Dry Rub varieties to Big Y, confident that he could close the sale with standard slotting and a supporting demo program.

Big Y countered, asking for a “Buy One  Get Two” feature on the entire flavored line to kick off the new distribution and get the items into their shopper’s households.  Bill was blocked a number of times while trying to convince the business unit to fund the event.  In order to help the marketing team figure out whether or not the event could be profitable for Hormel, Bill went back to Big Y  and acquired a volume commitment from them as long as  we could support the “Buy one Get Two”  feature.  This was over 80,000 pounds of the flavored Always Tender Dry Rub for this one particular ad.  Bill never gave up on his belief that he could create the best conditions for both parties – the customer and the company. Everyone wins.