Case Studies

Moving From Crunching The Numbers To Calling The Shots

Is your big data producing small results? Here’s how to move from crunching the numbers to calling the shots.

boots on the groundDeciding on the right retail solution for your marketing campaign comes down to capacity, expertise, resources, and responsiveness. All our Retail Reps use iPads to benefit from real time information. Sales information is uploaded to provide our retail reps with developing sales opportunities.

Today’s retail environment demands real-time information and response.  If your current representation is attempting to run your business without the latest information, you aren’t doing what you need to succeed.

TryAngle has developed propriety software for both analytics and retail store work, allowing us to:

  • Utilize retail store data to monitor sales and in-stock status
  • Conduct real time surveys and reports
  • Utilize iPads in the field to operate and respond with real-time information
  • Target our resources to achieve results that make a difference to your profitability

If you want to learn more details about how we executed this with our technology, contact us.