Results Matter


I take personal accountability for delivering key results and always ask, “What ELSE can I do?”

  • The TryAngle team received approval on two pepperoni racks with Shaw’s and set them up in stores November 2016.
  • The larger rack has all pepperoni brands on it and was paid for on a fair share basis from each company.
  • The smaller rack is a Hormel pepperoni only rack that
    can be mobile throughout different departments.

Hormel Large and Small Pepperoni Racks

The Result:

Numbers were pulled for the first full period of racks being on the floor (December):

  • Hormel pepperoni unit sales growth was over LY=85% for stores with both racks, 72% for stores with the small rack only, and 10% for stores with no racks!
  • TryAngle is using these numbers to get both racks into ALL 155 Shaw’s Supermarkets.

This is what Results Matter look like!