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Major New England Retailer Tackles the Big Game With Omnichannel 

To take a bite out of the $5.2 trillion e-commerce industry, today’s grocers need an integrated value proposition that both meets consumers’ needs and protects their own profitability. The modern day consumer is on a mission to save money, be healthier, expand their joy of cooking and easily locate the promotions that fit their lifestyle. 

In the case of this major New England Retailer, experimenting with new ways to engage these shoppers in omnichannel proved to be a winning sales strategy all around. 

Project Scope: 

The TryAngle Team approached the retailer’s e-commerce as an opportunity to push the boundaries of their current offerings, by highlighting their assortments, personalizing their promotions and engaging their consumers in more meaningful ways. 

Our team assisted our client and a New York marketing agency to execute a full scale marketing campaign (print, digital and social media) with promotional strategies to drive sales for the Super Bowl: 

  • Print: Front Page Circular ad placement
  • Social Media Advertising: A enticing video Recipe with our client’s Chili
  • Promotions: Digital Coupons: In-store and online

This marketing strategy drove the retailer’s e-commerce and in-person sales through their website and retail locations.

The Results:

  • A 35.2% lift in sales
  • 6,500 new customers engaged in the e-commerce category

Stores / Full Chain


Increase in Sales


New Customers


That Time We Built a Fresh Meals Program

There’s nothing we love more than helping people access the foods they love. 

That’s why the TryAngle team built its own Fresh Meals Program from the ground up— from coordinating with vendors and retailers to delivering hands-on training to store team members. 

To pilot a successful Fresh Meals Program, we started by identifying how each retailer wanted their food handled throughout the cold chain. Next, we determined the best options to build the meal program from each vendor and which products were best fits to enhance the program. 

From there, we created the menu list — bringing in samples of products to visualize consumer purchasing preferences, eye appeal and value. We conducted a series of product samplings and cuts to whittle it down to the best performers. 

Once the winning products were awarded, we assigned designated job aides to help streamline store operations by acting as a bridge between the retailer and their internal team. We also conducted extensive in-store training sessions with store team members to ensure they fully understood the new meal program and their questions were sufficiently answered.

The results?

  • An outstandingly successful program launch 
  • Continued success through consistent store follow-up to ensure compliance, proper program execution and extra training as needed

“Hutch, Hutch, Hike!”

When a client approached us looking for incremental sales for the Super Bowl, we made sure their products were ready to stand out. This national CPG company came to TryAngle with a set goal in mind, and we met them with a winning retail services strategy.

Our objective was to set up a series of Super Bowl Hutches in New York’s Metro Independent supermarkets. 

By leveraging our in-store relationships, we created some major buzz for the brand. 

By using our proven creativity and resourcefulness, we executed displays throughout the market.

The results?

  • Incremental sales exceeded the client’s expectations
  • TryAngle team recognition from the client’s senior management on the overall success of the retail services solution

Hutches Implemented


Weeks to Execute


Hutches Implemented a Day On Average


GoSpotCheck Delivers Ground(breaking) Turkey Success

To get more eyes (and sales) on a national poultry company’s 93% Ground Turkey and other products, TryAngle loaded real-time stocking data into our GoSpotCheck system, so we could monitor and verify store compliance on every trip to a large New England retailer. 

With the use of GoSpotCheck, our Retail Services team worked in lockstep with technology to record and analyze everything from number of stores visited to in-stock stores and percentages, response status (sold-out, reordered) and any pertinent data that could help them seamlessly deliver successful sales solutions. 

The results? 

  • An increase in ACV from 61% to 95% in just three months! 
  • An extra 56 Total Points of Distribution (TPD)
  • KLT down less than 4% of total dollar sales 
  • Easy-to-produce reports with detailed graphs, sell sheets and merchandising alerts using real-time data from the field

Stores Covered


Less Shrink


Increase in ACV


Rack That Pepperoni Right

When a national CPG company came asking for help with their famous pepperoni, TryAngle was there to answer the call.

Their Request:

Assistance in setting up pepperoni racks throughout 165 large MidAtlantic Retailers.

Our Approach:

Nine of our Retail Services reps sprang into action, completing the project by placing small racks in 94 stores and large racks in 71 stores. 

We coordinated with the client every step of the way, using syndicated data to sync each store’s delivery dates and ensure NO racks were unaccounted for. 

The Results:

Sales shot up 105% from the prior year


Stores Covered


Weeks to Complete


Increase in sales


The New Cheese on The Block

Okay, this cheese is more of a crumble, but TryAngle turned an up-and-coming feta brand — into a standout product in a well-established and competitive category.

As part of our In-Store Execution strategy, our reputable and resourceful Retail Services team worked with a major New York Retailer corporate office and committee to seek approval for four initial items and two additional items as line extensions.

They then collaborated with owner groups to procure distributions and canvas individual stores to cut in product and enhance displays with POS.

Throughout the project, TryAngle worked with the client to provide out-front estimate projections and real-time volume. This paved the way for a seamless, perfectly-cadenced flow of product and the ability to exceed the manufacturer’s expectations. 

The results? 

  • An order-fill rate over 99% 
  • ACV over 90% 
  • A significant share of dollar sales and a brand new category leader

Store Chain


Order Fill Rate


In Stock Percentage