Big Broker Technology with Small Broker Execution

Data Analysis

Want the Best of Both Worlds?

TryAngle has both cutting edge proprietary software integrated from our sales team to retail field personnel and a dedicated analyst in the middle.  We also have the number of store level personnel necessary to effectively execute what needs to be done.

Ensuring Your Success via Our Technology Tools

TryAngle has actionable, measurable tools in place to accomplish your goals from headquarters to store level:

  • Constant analysis of ordering and trend identification to maintain warehouse inventory and capitalize on sales through order increases
  • Targeting of ACV opportunities by chain, by store
  • Measuring of effectiveness of ACV improvement
  • Identifying both problem stores and opportunity stores through this ACV analysis to maximize sales
  • Product mix analysis and recommendation

Return on Your Investment

Armed with data driven selling tools our retail team executes the following:

  • Store level Plan-O-Gram (POG) Compliance
  • Alteration of Product mix to ensure best sellers in limited case formats
  • Increased ACV by targeting by Store, by SKU
  • Dedication to Perishable Section of store