Sales Strategy: Factory Concept to Checkout Line

Sales Strategy

As a fully integrated retail broker we help manage the process from product concept to the consumer’s basket.

Some but not all of our services include:

  • Feedback on product taste, attributes, packaging, and viability in the category
  • Distribution recommendation and roll out strategy
  • Headquarter presentation development, price point analysis and marketing plans
  • Roll out support from headquarters, to regional sales managers, to store by store retail merchandising and follow-up
  • Monitoring of initial ACV through data analysis and targeting store specific opportunity areas through our retail support network
  • Promotion event analysis to guarantee your success and profitability

TryAngle As Your Headquarter Team

The ongoing consolidation of brokerages over the past few decades along with changes in the specialty food industry have left the good ol’ boy method of doing business in the dust.  Unlike many companies that haven’t survived, we embraced the environment of the future where fact based selling drives headquarter decisions.

Established in 1977, TryAngle combines the best of both worlds; long term experienced headquarter relationships and the selling tools of tomorrow:

  • Our average retail food business headquarter experience per sales team member is 20 years
  • Our in-house analyst is proficient in IRI, Nielson, and other syndicated data that assists our Headquarter Sales Reps in fact based selling
  • We are developing talent for the future through a training program with our seasoned sales team, capitalizing on their strengths and experience
  • We provide attention to your product’s performance and ACV, ensuring specific opportunities are targeted and the issue gets fixed at store level, regional level, or headquarter level as needed