Sales Support and Logistics

Sales Support

Any reputable broker left standing in the market today will have some proficiency in getting things authorized at various headquarters, it’s what happens after that which will ensure the success of your product launch.  TryAngle provides specialized expertise, technology, and long-term results that may be difficult for you to achieve on your own.

Customer Service is Center Stage

Our customers have come to count on all of us at TryAngle to keep their businesses running and growing exponentially.

Our Support Team:

  • Evaluates each manufacturer’s particular business model to allow you to manage your logistics your way
  • Creates innovative solutions linked to our retailer’s requirements
  • Aligns marketing and product support with the sales process
  • Manages issues and problems to maintain customer satisfaction for both the manufacturer and retailer
  • Surveys and evaluates emerging technology to achieve automation and expedite productivity without losing sight that nothing replaces human interface

TryAngle Office Support – Your Company’s Resource

Good customer service is both proactive and reactive.  With us you’ll have the assurance of knowing the phone will be answered on the spot with a voice you recognize, and communicating to the right people in the right manner:

  • Managing missed appointments and rescheduling
  • Communicating order adjustments and changes
  • Managing trends and communicating to buyers to increase orders when necessary, adding volume to your bottom line
  • Managing inventory, preventing over-buys
  • Watching upcoming ads and communicating these to end users

TryAngle provides the unending communication and problem solving that instills certainty that your business is in the hands of a team that cares

If your expectation for your business is an integrated team with a broad depth of knowledge, support, technical savvy, and on time solutions, contact us today